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R222 Concours look carnauba wax

Price for 1 pc. 200 ml.


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R222 Concours look carnauba wax P21S products by Smartparts have been re-branded as R222 within Europe. R222 Concours look carnauba wax- This is probably the best wax out there that is way beyond its price bracket in terms of quality, shine and lasting performance.

Premium quality carnauba paste that does not contain or need for that matter any ‘fruity’/’nice smelling’ additives to give that superior shine.
Once you have use R222 Concours-look Carnauba wax you will probably never try any other wax again. and that’s a promise.
One of the most astounding features of this wax is the ease of use and speed of application.

You simple rub the supplied sponge applicator onto the hard wax and immediately the surface becomes an almost paste like substance. You then apply it to the car in a series of straight line strokes that is applied to the car almost like a extremely thin layer of grease.
The magic part however is that there is no waiting time required – as soon as you have completed a panel simply buff off with your favourite microfibre towel. No waiting or hazing time required!

R222 Car wax was voted No #1 under the ’Premium Wax’ category that far outshone (no pun intended) the competition that included waxes that were many times the cost of R222 Wax Carnauba Paste. This survey and the final judges decision were performed by the USA’s Guru Report – this is the premier detailing magazine that is recognised across the globe.

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