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R222 100% Carnauba paste wax 200 ML


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R222 100% Carnauba paste wax 200 MLR222 100% Carnauba paste wax 200 ML – It used to say, “The more carnauba wax a hard wax contains, the harder it is to use it, and with high levels of carnauba wax it can be hard to apply and polish it out.” With its revolutionary formula, R222 100% carnauba wax does away with this limitation. R222 is as easy to polish as a conventional hard wax, giving it sparkling shine, brilliant color refreshment and the long-lasting surface protection that only true carnauba wax allows.

No other waxes except pure No.1 grade A carnauba wax have been used to make it – so give your car the purest wax you can find.

Compared to the R222 100% Carnauba paste wax 200 ML, it differs for the most part from the slightly improved gloss level and depth luster. The soft and smooth processing has remained the same despite the high wax content. It leaves no stains or discoloration on adjacent plastic parts, rubber seals etc in the vehicle exterior. The lifetime is very good for a natural wax. Depending on the load or washes, the service life is 3-5 months.

In the US, R222 is sold under the name P21S.

Reflecting shine and brilliant color refreshment
Extremely easy to polish
Extremely easy and fast application, even on varnished precious wood surfaces
Polishes, shines and protects in one operation
Can be processed by machine or by hand
High UV protection
Extremely productive

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