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CarCare-SB MONOCLEAN - All purpose cleaner

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CarCare-SB MONOCLEAN – All purpose cleaner
CarCare-SB MONOCLEAN – All purpose cleaner, this product is a multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser and a fully biodegradable product. This product is effective on carpets, plastics, rubber mats and soiled paintwork as well as a general purpose cleaner. It is non caustic and therefore safe to use on fabric, can also be used as a carpet pre-spotter.

Directions: Dilute to suit desired purpose and surface. Spray, foam, or saturate surface. Agitate as needed. Rinse thoroughly. Prolonged immersion may show some attack on sensitive aluminium alloys. Test before use on aluminium.

Dilutions: High Pressure cleaning 1:100, Pre-Wash: 1:1 ~ 1:20, Tires: Neat ~ 1:10, Engine Bay: Neat ~ 1:20, Steam cleaning 1:15 ~ 1:75, Carpets and upholstery: Neat ~ 1:15.

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500 ml, 1000 ml., 5 L.